City releases invoice for Vaughan legal fees

by YES! Weekly staff

UPDATED: Smith’s column is online here.YES! Weekly broke the news last Thursday that Mayor Nancy Vaughan of Greensboro went back on her pre-election promise to pay her own legal fees for hiring outside counsel to represent her in a deposition.
The city had hired a law firm to handle the case involving developer Eric Robert but Vaughan felt compelled to hire her own lawyer to represent her individual interests. She was not a defendant in the lawsuit.
Columnist Roch Smith Jr. was able to convince city officials to release a copy of the Feb. 17 invoice today after city staffers initially claimed it was not public record.
The invoice raises additional questions about the timeline of decisions that led to Vaughan racking up more than $8,000 in legal fees for a deposition in a civil suit. The invoice also shows that Vaughan consulted with her attorney on Oct. 6, a full two weeks before she has previously claimed to have retained outside counsel.
We’ve posted the invoice for public consideration. Smith will have more in an op-ed column in this week’s edition of YES! Weekly.