Community Theatre of Greensboro offers wide range of summer theatre camps

After school lets out, a lot of kids find themselves twiddling their thumbs for the summer, or even worse sleeping all day or playing video games. But these warm months of vacation are actually the perfect time to pick up new hobbies, like acting, singing or dancing. There are plenty of summer theatre camps for all ages and interests that’ll not only help keep kids busy, but help them to gain confidence and other life skills, too.

TUNES AND MORE FOR TOTS Young children, from about 3-5 years old, are typically still developing their motor skills, which is why a fun acting class can not only provide them with a unique form of entertainment, but it can also help them to practice more complex movements. Many summer acting camps for this age group involve song and dance, too, since lively music and movement better holds their attention.

For your mini divas, check out the “Disney Princess” camp, running July 25-29 by Community Theatre of Greensboro, which invites children ages 3-5 to come play, dance and sing songs from their favorite Disney movies.

CTG’s, “Fun on the Farm,” which runs July 11-15, includes a little bit of everything and teaches children about farm life through music, theatre games and crafts.

INTRODUCING THEATRE TO ELEMENTARY KIDS Acting is not only a great form of expression, but it can also help kids to develop better public speaking skills, memory, coordination, social awareness and even self-confidence—all great things for developing elementary school kids.

CTG is running an “Acting for Kids” session July 11-15 for kids ages 6-10. Students will create fun characters and scenes, all from their imagination, which will help them to flex their creative muscle, too.

For those elementary kids (ages 6-10) that are musically gifted, CTG’s “Singing for the Stage” will teach them about breathing, diction and projection techniques to prepare them for entry into musical theatre. Students will also learn how to select the best audition material for their voice. Camp runs July 5-8. CTG’s “Kids Bop,” running July 18-22, is another great opportunity for kids to have fun, while developing their singing skills.

For kids who can’t carry a tune, but can act like a “ham,” Community Theatre of Greensboro is running their “Lip Sync Battle” camp July 5-8. Kids between the ages of 6-10 will enjoy feeling like they’re a part of the popular TV show as they perform lip-sync songs against other “celebrity” contestants.

“Movement for the Stage” by CTG is a wonderful opportunity for aspiring dancers. The class is aimed at nurturing children’s love for dance and helping them to express themselves through movement. The class, which runs July 11- 15, is great for kids that can’t sit still, too.

TEENS AND TWEENS THEATRE Community Theatre of Greensboro’s “Acting 101” camp, running July 5-8, is a fun way for kids ages 11 and older to discover if they have a passion for theatre. It’ll also greatly help them to develop self-confidence at that pivotal pre-adolescent phase, and help them in school, too. The class covers the basics of enhancing concentration, diction, character development and more.

For teens more interested in music, CTG’s “Broadway Bound” camp, running July 5-8, gives students ages 11 and older a chance to sing and dance their way through some of the Broadway classics. Kids will get a second chance at the classics July 11-15 in “What’s Hot on Broadway,” which teaches students songs and choreography from the latest Broadway hits.

For students interested in a greater challenge, “Making a Musical,” running July 18-22 tasks students to create their own song after listening to some classic Broadways. Meanwhile, “Monologue Mania” will help prepare students for future auditions by helping them select the best scenes that fit their personality and style.

Even teens more interested in staying in and writing can benefit from theatre camps. For example, “Page to the Stage” allows students to channel their inner playwright and write stories to act out on the stage.

From improv classes, to writing sessions, to singing and dancing lessons, the Triad has a host of opportunities for young and creative minds to flex their muscles and fight the impending boredom of summer. Better yet—there are plenty of opportunities for parents to sneak some fun, but educational activities into their day. !

LENISE WILLIS, a graduate from UNC Chapel Hill’s journalism school, has experience in acting and ballet, and has been covering live performances since 2010.


For more information on Community Theatre of Greensboro’s summer camps, visit Prices start at $100 per camp. Children must be registered one week prior to camp.