Cool summer fun at Geeksboro

Hot screenings are scheduled in August at Greensboro’s Geeksboro Coffeehouse Cinema, beginning with Cinema Purgatorio, which will be shown 7 pm Tuesday, Aug. 5.

This show-biz comedy is the latest production of husband-and-wife independent filmmakers Chris White and Emily Reach White, and depicts the misadventures of two independent filmmakers (hmmmm …) in a desperate quest to meet their idol, actor Bill Murray.

This is only the latest in the Whites’ expanding oeuvre of feature films, which commenced with Taken In in 2010 and continued with Get Better (2012) and now Cinema Purgatorio, which the filmmakers are promoting on a 12-day, 11-city East Coast summer screening tour prior to the fall US film festival season. Chris and Emily White will be on hand to introduce the screening and discuss the film afterward. Tickets are $8 (advance) and $10 (at the door).

The big-screen fun continues Sunday, Aug. 17 with a special 7 pm premiere screening of the exclusive theatrical cut of the locally-produced on-line series Mario Warfare, an irreverent and effects

independent laden send-up of popular video games past and present – including Super Mario Bros. (of course), Call of Duty and others.

Set in a mythical land known as The Mushroom Kingdom, the action follows the diabolical despot Lord Bowser and his pursuit of Princess Peach, which prompts a pair of bumbling plumbers to throw down their plungers (only to pick them up again) and tap into that inner reservoir of heroism that each of us has. Well, most of us, anyway … Mario Warfare is the creation of independent filmmakers and YouTube content creators Beat Down Boogie – hey, I know those guys! — and boasts blazing action, slapstick shenanigans, and a non-stop barrage of in-jokes. (The official Mario Warfare website is:

Tickets for this event are $5. !


Geeksboro Coffeehouse Cinema is located at 2134 Lawndale Drive, Greensboro. For more information or advance tickets, call 336.355.7180 or visit the official website: