“Cracker Nation” hates Obama

by Jim Longworth

‘Cracker Nation’ hates Obama

Last week’s news was dominated by closet racists, most of whom, I’m embarrassed to say, hailed from the South.

The first firestorm occurred when President Obama planned to webcast an inspirational speech to America’s classrooms. But before Obama uttered a word, right-wing politicians and mentally challenged parents protested what they saw as an attempt by the White House to indoctrinate our children with socialist propaganda.

Diplomatic school superintendants around Case in point: the Arlington, Texas schools. The same superintendant who forbade his students from watching Obama’s speech later allowed them to be bused to Cowboys stadium to hear a speech by former President Bush.

The closet racism escalated one day after Obama’s classroom speech when South Carolina representative Joe Wilson interrupted the president’s address to Congress, shouting out, “You lie!” in response to Obama’s claim that illegal immigrants would not benefit from healthcare reform. It was the first time in modern history that an American president had been heckled by a member of Congress and, of course, the heckler had to be a white Southerner.

Wilson, whose real name is not Joe (does that make him a liar?), is a member of the Sons of the Confederate Veterans, and once served as an aide to the king of racists, Sen. Strom Thurmond. It’s no wonder, then, that Bill Maher now refers to this new wave of angry Southerners as “Cracker Nation.”

By the way, Obama did not lie. Had Wilson taken the time to read the bill, he would have found no provision for alien benefits. Just the contrary. HR 3200 section 246 states, “…nothing in this subtitle shall allow Federal payments …on behalf of individuals who are not lawfully present in the United States.”

Critics of Obama like to cite Section 152 as the basis for the immigrantcontroversy. However, it too is clear, stating, “Except as otherwiseexplicitly permitted by the Act …all healthcare and related services…covered by this Act shall be provided without regard to personalcharacteristics….”

The “otherwise” portion of that paragraph refers to the notation in Section 246, those”not lawfully present.”

Yes,it’s true that illegal immigrants already here can continue to purchaseprivate insurance, but the healthcare reform bill would prohibitgovernment assistance in paying for that insurance.

Theteachable moment from last week’s antics and ravings is that racistsdon’t let facts get in the way of their anger. And if anyone should beangry, it’s us little folks who live and die at the mercy of insurancecompanies, the same industry that has contributed over $400,000 to JoeWilson’s campaigns. And so, like many of you, I too am an angry whiteSoutherner, but my anger is directed at greedy insurance andpharmaceutical companies, corrupted politicians and lobbyists, not atour president, who just happens to have darker skin than mine.

Asfar as I’m concerned, racists who spew angry words and generateirrational protests are guilty of hate speech, and should be dealt withaccordingly. Rieckhoff is right. Such people do need to go back toschool, but the appropriate place for them is detention. For theirpunishment, they should be made to watch all of Obama’s speeches. It’swhat I call “Indoctrination of the Cracker Nation.”