Crimson Spectre


Reviews of our new demo/album sampler:Crimson Spectre-demoSo rare that a disc is this difficult to pigeon hole in one way oranother, but I can easily sat that THE CRIMSON SPECTRE are growing onme rapidly as I try to decide what to call them. Barked tough guyvocals, but intelligent, historical, and brutally personal lyrics (I’mnot talking the "woe is me I long for my girlfriend" variety"). There’smore of a rock’n’roll feel than"hardcore" and there are more thanenough guitar leads (notice I did not say "too many"). Everything isfast, but not metal fast, just good solid thrashy hardcore fast, whereyou can still rock out without looking like too much of a spazz. Thisis for the eyeliner and tight pants crowd, but also for thethrashers…hence my conundrum. It’s very good, how about that? This isjust a demo, and I am curious to see which direction this bandtakes…certainly there is potential here to evolve into somethingincredible. "Jason Masks and Marxists tracts / hammers and sickles forthe children of the corn. -Robert / Slug and Lettuce #78.