Crystal Largen

by Brian Clarey

This week’s representative of local talent, Crystal Largen, is an actress. Sure, she’s a student at GTCC and she interns at the Archer Creative Group in Winston-Salem and she does a little modeling for Marilyn’s in Greensboro on the side, but this 22 year old has her sights set on the big time and she’s moving in the right direction. She’s already done some work with Good as a Mugg Pictures, the crew who took first place at the 2005 North Carolina 48-Hour Film Festival, appearing in their film Dawn of the Redneck Samurai. She also had a role in Puck’d where she learned to hit a slap shot and got to meet Bud Bundy. And like all hot actresses, she dates a rock star: Joel Kiser, guitarist for House of Fools. Largen, originally from King, NC, lives in Greensboro’… for now. ‘“I want to move to LA as soon as possible,’” she says.