Cyndy Hayworth

by Yes Weekly Election Coverage

Residential address: North Elm Street (map)

Incumbent or challenger? Challenger

Age: 61 (Oct. 10)

Campaign website: (link)

Endorsement: YES! Weekly

Occupation and employer: President, Junior Achievement

Previous electiveexperience (including election campaigns): Candidate for District 3 in 2007

Civic and volunteerexperience (including service on city commissions and boards): Chair, Greensboro Zoning Commission; co-chair,Guilford non-profit Consortium Annual Gala, 2010; Guilford County Adult CareAdvisory Committee, 2010; member of Citizens Review Committee to selectGreensboro police chief, 2010; membership chair, Guild of Family ServicesFoundation, 2010; advisory board, Fun Fourth Festival, 2010; executive board,Dolley Madison Women’s Club, 2010; board member, the Evergreens Foundation,2010; member, Greensboro College/Warnersville Advisory Council, 2009;Greensboro Neighborhood Congress liaison for District 3, 2009; member, Women’sProfessional Forum, 2009; member, Democratic Women of Guilford, 2008-2009;board of advisors, National League of Junior Cotillions, 2008

Education (highest degreeattained and name of institution): Certificatesfrom GTCC and Rockingham County Community College in business and computerscience

Party registration: Democrat (nonpartisan contest)

Where were you born? Greensboro

Paid consultants workingon your campaign: None (as of July13)

Campaign manager: 12-member committee

Treasurer: Amy Crews

Do you favor or oppose reopening the White Street Landfillfor household waste, beyond the small amount of sewer sludge currentlyaccepted? Briefly explain your position.

I have always used a decision-making process that is in the bestinterest for all involved. As vice-chair of the Zoning Commission I visit everyproperty, including surrounding areas, prior to the monthly meeting. I alsotalk with citizens and company representatives involved. I do this so that Ican make a decision using all information available. The decision-makingprocess for the landfill is no different… except there is much more information,and a lot of misinformation. I have talked extensively with city leaders,citizens and current council representatives about the landfill, and each discussionbrings another perspective and different numbers. I am open to continuing thesediscussions until I feel I have the’ most accurateinformation’ available that’ would make my decision the bestfor’ all citizens of Greensboro.’ 

Where do you stand on the “strong manager” form of citygovernment, and why?

I support the strong-manager form of city government. Itworks well when the city council gives clear communication to the city manager,coupled with goals, deadlines and clear action steps and then allows theManager to do his job with little interference.

Should the city of Greensboroplace more or less emphasis on maintaining a healthy water and sewer fund toplan for future growth? Why or why not?

I think the City Council’s efforts are best spent working tosolve Greensboro’sproblems.

The city’s tax base has remained flat for the past twoyears, and the foreclosure crisis continues unabated. As a member of citycouncil, how would you balance the need to fund services such as police patrol,fire protection and park maintenance that citizens care about with the realitythat the revenue picture remains bleak?

I think to try and predict the future is irresponsible.Should the city council have a vision for the future… yes. With strongleadership and emphasis on creating an environment attractive to new businessthe tax base will improve.

Do you believe that city staff deserves council support toimplement a program to spend federal grant money to improve the energyefficiency of residences and businesses, or does this program warrantadditional oversight from council? Briefly explain your position.

I would think that the’ implementation program wouldhave had to be part of the grant application process. In other words, as partof the application,’ implementing the use of the funds should have had tobe a part of the end result. When a grant request is written, I would thinkthat the city council and the department requesting the funds would have thedetails spelled out, including any oversight requirements.

How would you assess the value and effectiveness of Greensboro’s Rental UnitCertificate of Occupancy program, which is now prohibited by state law?

Because RUCO has already been eliminated, what is the pointof looking backwards to determine if it was effective or not? We need to spendour time looking forward.

How should the impasse over management and operation of theGreensboro Farmers Curb Market be resolved?

I would like to see the impasse resolved throughcollaboration of all parties involved.

What, if anything, should be done to resolve racialtensions, and to enhance professionalism, integrity and fairness within theGreensboro Police Department?

I see great accomplishments in the past year within the GPD.Mike Speedling, Ken Miller and Rashad Young have worked very hard to improvethe image of the GPD. The open lines of communication both internal andexternal are a clear sign that we are moving in the right direction towardrebuilding the trust between the citizens and the department,’ and’ thehonor’ and integrity within the GPD.

What would you change about Greensboro’s land use patterns if thedecision were yours to make? Please answer the question in terms of placespeople live, work, play and shop, in terms of the modes of transportationpeople use to get from point to point, and the vitality of neighborhoods andcommercial corridors?

I have worked very hard on the zoning commission for fouryears and my voting record clearly shows that I do my homework and makedecisions based on what is best for the developers, neighborhoods and all of Greensboro.There are many working parts in making land use decisions. The 2025 Plan andthe recent updates to the LDO and UDO provide strategic, long-term vision forland use in Greensboro. The one thing I would change is that sometype of’ qualifying prerequisite be met by nominated’ commissionmembers prior to being seated on the commission.

What is Greensboro’sgreatest asset? What is Greensboro’smost pressing problem?

Greensboro’sgreatest asset is its citizens, quality of life and neighborhoods.

Greensboro’s most pressing problem is constantly looking inthe rear-view mirror, having no forward vision, therefore making knee-jerkdecisions when a problem arises. Let’s highlight the positive things about Greensboro andwork together to make Greensboroa great place to live and work.

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