D J P r o f i l e

D J P r o f i l e Peter Joe-L Daye DJ Handle: L in Japanese How I got it: Well, my real nickname is “L”. In a silly story involving wanting a tattoo, I discovered that the sound of “L” does not exist in the Japanese language. This fact stuck with me when choosing an artist name. It represents the music I consume and create; a one style that (I believe) doesn’t exist but is constantly changing and represents the idea of constant development and growth. What I play: Its really depends on the gig. Old and new-school hip hop, funk/disco/soul, ‘80s, Southern rap, pop, dancehall and reggaeton, unrehearsed, all in one mix, like “party rock” from the hip. Upcoming shows: Friday at the Green Burro with DJ Yona from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. playing everything; every 2nd and 4th Wednesday at the Green Been from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. playing soul; Sundays at the Blind Tiger from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. playing funk/disco; May 13 at Lindley Artist Collaborative from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. playing funk/disco; and July 25 at Greene Street with Ed E. Ruger and others. Got in the game: Started January of ’99 and first got paid around the March of ‘03. Why I do it: I did everything else such as make beats and rap and it coincided with my record collecting obsession. I just thought it was all part of the plan. I didn’t know any better and didn’t really take it seriously. I mean “L in Japanese” started out as me rapping over my own beats and that’s what I wanted to be identified as, not as a “DJ”. I could DJ and people just ran with that, since people always need a good DJ and not a rap performance, ya know? Influences: My biggest influence to this day is DJ Pez of Chapel Hill’s Sankofa and the Remix Project. I learned the art of the DJ from him. I fill in for him at the East End Martini Bar when he needs a day off, which I’m always giddy about. Plus, I’m very proud that he considers me a friend. First pro gig: I started this weekly show with Troy “Dr. Mindbenda” Grier at this bar called the Hideaway. This weekly was called “…WORD?” and it was kinda the upstart for many NC hip-hop groups like Little Brother and the Justus League (The Listening LP is based around their gig), Kaze and Mervin “Spectac” Jenkins. Favorite technique: I love bringing in the next track during a blend on “the one.” I kill the other track or crossfade over to the other track that starts with a drum roll, kick or snare, or vocal… the effect is to reawaken your listening senses, but not miss the beat. You can’t do this with any song; it has to be a classic banger that would get the crowd more hoppin’ than before. Personal playlist: I listen to a lot of soul, jazz and funk. Kool & the Gang, Ohio Players, James Brown, Bill Withers, Al Green, Earth Wind and Fire and such. My iPod is full of underground and old-school hip hop. My favorite band is Stereolab and I listen to them alot! Favorite albums: Right now, I’m loving Light of the World — Kool & the Gang and Greatest Side — Billy Stewart. Others are Living Proof — Group Home, Soundust and Cobra Phases — Stereolab, The Unseen — Quasimoto, The Gun Record — Foo Fighters, Endtroducin — DJ Shadow, Ruff Draf — J Dilla, Symplactico — Velocity Girl, Innervisions — Stevie Wonder, Dead Serious — Das Efx and Business as Usual — EPMD Equipment: MPC 2000, Serato Scratch Live, Mac Book, Records, NuMark 1500 Mixer and Technic 1200 SLs. Website: Facebook under the name Peter Daye and I’d like to add: It’s funny how things work out. This DJing thing did just fall in my lap. I wanted to be a school teacher and live a normal life at one point, but I think God had a different plan for me to influence and make people happy and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Thank you to all that’s supported me over the years. Much love, y’all, and go Obama and go Heels!