triad dj profile

DJ handle: DJ Austin Scott

Why I use it: ’Cause DJ Kool was already taken….

Real name: Scott Austin Hendren

What I play: If it will make you dance, sing and have a great time, then I play it

Catch me at: I am at Arizona Pete’s every Friday and every other Thursday

Got in the game: 1992

Why I do it: I became a DJ because I am a music lover first and foremost. I’m into all types from the ’50s until today and when I found out that I could listen to music, see people having a good time and get paid pretty well for it, I was hooked. To be a successful DJ, you have to have a passion for it. It’s easier now with computers, but when I started, you didn’t have a computer to keep all your files handy. You had to use your memory and then you had to know where that 12-inch record was out of the 20 racks and hundreds of records you had, not hit command-C to load the next song. I would lock myself in the DJ booth during the day and practice until I was able to finally earn my own night at Daddio’s Nightclub working for Fred Koury Jr. in the early ’90s. I went on from there to work at Jokers 3, 98.7 Kiss FM (on-air), 98.7 Kiss Country (on air), Inferno (original), the N Club, the Palomino Club, Pure Platinum (High Point Road), Fifth Season, Harpers 2 and 3, Tradewinds (High Point), and Executive Suite.

I’m currently at Arizona Pete’s, and I’ve DJed hundreds of private parties and weddings on the side. I also competed against DJs from all over the world in a DJ competition at Disney World.

Influences: Good music is my influence Studio work: Working everyday in the studio… stay tuned.

Favorite technique: Mixing and scratching. It’s the name of the game.

Mix you’re most proud of: Always my last mix. Heck, I can’t believe I am still doing this after all these years, but I’m still having fun so why not?

Personal playlist: Reggae, bluegrass, country and ’70s music. I know — random.

Favorite albums: Pink Floyd — Dark Side of the Moon

My gear: Pioneer CDJs, Serato, Macbook Pro, RANE TTM57


I’d like to add: Check out my site: It’s my tattoo/piercing business.