by Ryan Snyder

DJ handle: DJ Bald-E What it means: My picture says it all. Real name: Kevin Pope What I play: Rock, metal, hip hop and dance. Where do you play regularly: The Wild Wing Caf’. List upcoming shows: Every Friday and Saturday at the Wild Wing Caf’ on Hanes Mall Boulevard, beside Hooters. Got in the game: 2002 Why I do it: My not-so little brother (DJ Milk) got me hooked. He deejayed in the Air Force and would let me play around on his equipment. I was instantly hooked and have really enjoyed playing ever since. Influences: DJ Milk, DJ Skratch N’ Sniff, radio hosts DJ Mike Czech and Malcolm (I love how they can mix every genre of music). First pro gig: Cobalt’s on Deacon Boulevard. I was DJ Toast back then. Favorite technique: Beat-matching with the occasional scratch when needed. My best mix: I have a mix that includes “This is how we do it,” “Yeah,” “Be Faithful” and “Let Me Clear My Throat” that kills every time I play it. Personal playlist: Rock/metal mostly, but I do like to keep an ear out for the new dance stuff. Favorite albums: Every Prince album up to Sign ‘O’ The Times, any album by White Zombie or Rob Zombie and any Metallica. My gear: CDJ 1000s players, DJM 400 Mixer and Serato. Website:, I’d like to add: I would like to thank DJ Milk for getting me started in all this. I also want to thank Chip for letting me work with him at Metal Rebel and at Wild Wing Cafe! Last but certainly not least, my beautiful wife Wendy and kids Tori and Ashlea for putting up with my long hours on the weekends!