by Ryan Snyder

DJ Handle: Bolmongani

What it means: It is the name of my live music project. It came to me during a nap and is based mythically around a long-lost tribe of 1 percent throwback types.

Real name: Ryan Pritts

What I play: I play a mix of eclectic soul, jazz, some blues, funk, esoteric soundtrack stuff, old school (pre-1990) hip hop, with a pinch of weird rock/psych stuff thrown on top.

Catch me at: Single Brothers bar, Krankies coffee, Ed McKays, parties, whatever….

Upcoming shows: Every Thursday at Krankies Coffee from 8 p.m. until close.

Got in the game: I guess officially this year, but I’ve been playing records like this since I was about 17.

Why I do it: I love music! And what better way to help pay the rent than what already happens daily?

Influences: All of the great artists whose music I play for people.

First pro gig: Single Brothers Bar

Studio work: I don’t do studio work as a DJ, but have multiple records to my credit as a member of Paik and Bolmongani.

Favorite technique: Really just crossfades that work with the selections.

Personal playlist: Anything I can get my hands on that flips the switch in my mind.

Favorite albums: Twink — Think Pink, Butthole Surfers — Locust Abortion Technician, Miles Davis — On The Corner and Tribute to Jack Johnson, Captain Beefheart — Safe As Milk, Parliament — First Thangs, Jimi Hendrix — Axis: Bold As Love, anything by John Lee Hooker, Just Ice — Cool and Deadly. It’s always hard to contain this category to just a few…

My gear: Numarks…nothin’ fancy


I’d like to add: Thanks to all who come out, participate and enjoy! The crowd makes it all happen.