by Ryan Snyder

Real name: Pinche Gringo DJ handle: DJ Charming Snake How I got it: Friends in Chapel Hill compared me to a Snake Charmer. “He is indeed a most extraordinary animal. His hair is long, his general aspect wild, his clothing a mixture of savagery and the wreckage of civilization.” What I play: Fuzz, thrillin’ soul, teen trash, Hammond groove, wild rythm ‘n blues, garage, ’60s beat, desperate rock n roll. Catch me at: College Hill, the Fuse, the Down Under, Upcoming shows: Last Saturdays at College Hill. Got in the game: Four years ago Why I do it: I like spinning records and turning people on to music they have never heard before. Influences: Mad Mike from Pittsburgh. That guy was out of his mind spinning all kinds of old ’60s jook-joint rave-ups. First pro gig: The Fuse in Chapel Hill, got some loot and a yummy cheeseburger Studio work: None, just Pinche Gringo stuff. Favorite technique: Standing on my head. Signature mix: I started making mix tapes. You should get one. DJ Charming Snake’s Echo’s from the Vault Personal playlist: Birds, street traffic, sometimes I hear babies crying… but the one thing I hear all the time outside the club are car horns. Favorite albums: Norton Records, Crypt Records, Back from the Grave comps, Mad Mike comps, old dusty 45s you find at thrift stores. My gear: Two turntables and a mixer. No computers, no iPods. <‘­

‘­Website: ‘­ I’d like to add: Keep a look out for Miss Leela Pickles. She makes great mix tapes.