by Ryan Snyder

Real name: Darren Jakasal DJ Handle: DJ Clash What I play: I play all types of music, old school and new school, except heavy metal. Catch me at: I play at the Center City on South Elm Street in Greensboro and 1001 Spot in Winston-Salem. Upcoming shows: In February, I will Be spinning in Charlotte with Idrus Mummad of Real Talk, Inc. Got in the game: In 1986 when I saw the Legend DJ Marley Marl spin in the River Park. Why you became a DJ: It’s been me since I saw Marley Marl spin in the River park, watching people go wild to the hip hop and R&B sound. Influences: DJ Marley Marl, DJ Smurf, Disco Twins, DJ Cash Money and DJ Pete Rock. First pro gig: I played at the Tunnel Night Club and the Underground. Favorite technique: The blend, the crap, the back spin and the chop. Personal playlist: Gospel and disco classics Favorite albums: The one I worked on in the ’90s, LL Cool J’s Mama Knock You Out and the Peaceful Journey LP with Heavy D. My gear: Two Technics, a Denon DN-120, Acer Laptop and 17 external hard drives. Website: The Real DJ CLASH from Queensbridge on MySpace. I’d like to add: Put God first in everything you do and everything will add up right for you. Lastly I wanna thank a very supportive wife named Codie.