by Ryan Snyder

Real name: Sean Hall DJ Handle: DJ Darkness of Prime Directive What it means: We noticed that a lot of DJs were spinning multiple genres as well as Top 40. We formed Prime Directive to show that we played electronic music only. What we play: Breaks, break beats, electronica, trance Live gigs: As of right now, it’s studio work only, but our first mix CD is coming soon. It’s a mix of various breakbeat artists as well as some of our own stuff. We’ll be playing a live show of the CD material as a release party very soon. We’ll be doing a 4-20 show on Torrentech Online Radio and are putting together a weekly show on Check our Facebook page for more details. Got in the game: We’ve been spinning electronic music since 2005. Why we do it: We began DJ-ing out of an intense love for electronic music. We practically eat, sleep and breathe it. Influences: The one and only DJ Icey, Alex Metric, Access Denied, DrumAttic Twins, Deekline First pro gig: We played our first gig at Chumley’s on Battleground Avenue [Greensboro] in 2006. Studio work: Directive: Breaks out soon >Signature technique: We are huge fans of mixer effects, so you’ll hear a lot of echo and filter during our live performances. Outside of the club: We’re so addicted so electronic music that we find little time to listen to anything else. Favorite albums: DJ Infiniti — Looking for Something, Plump DJs — Headthrash, DJ Icey — Essential Mix Our gear: Two Stanton T-90 turntables, Behringer DDM4000 Mixer, two Denon DN-S700 CD decks, Appleton Live! 7 Website: You can find us on Facebook under Prime Directive DJs We’d like to add: We’ll be open to bookings so if you’re interested or would like a demo, please contact us at