by Ryan Snyder

Full name: Dominic Bonino

Origin of stage name: I got it from my mama

What I play: Electro, house, hip hop, rock, ’80s and more, depending on the occasion

Catch me at: Greene Street Club and all over southeastern North Carolina. Upcoming shows: Thursday College Night at Greene Street Club, Go Getta Fridays at Greene Street Club and Saturdays nights on the roof at Greene Street Club

Got in the game: I had my first set of ghetto turntables back in 1998

Why I do it: Well, I always had a passion for music and went to underground DJ parties. When I saw how the DJ controlled the crowd, it made me want to become a DJ.

Influences: To name a few: DJ Dan, Charles Feelgood, DJ Rectangle, DJ AM, DJ Yoda

First pro gig: Back in 2000 at Jokers 3

Favorite moment on stage: When I’m heavily in to my set and the whole club is jumping. It’s the best feeling, maybe even better than sex.

Favorite technique: Long blended mixes

Personal playlist: I’m always searching for new music to play, but I listen to a lot of dance music.

Favorite albums: Right now i would have to say Chromeo — Fancy Footwork and the Presets — Apocalypso

Equipment: Two Technic 1200mkII, Pioneer DJM 600 Mixer, MacBook, Rane Serato Scratch Live and a bunch of sound equipment


Anything else you’d like to add: Thanks to everyone that has supported me throughout the years. I would not be here without you. To all the aspiring DJs, just keep practicing and never give up.