by Ryan Snyder

DJ handle: DJ Double D

How I got it: We had a contest and customers voted between DJ Donna and Dancing Donna.

Real name: Donna McIntyre

What I play: Country, rock, Top 40, hip hop

Catch me at: Rider’s in the Country

Upcoming shows: This Thursday at Rider’s

Got in the game: 1995

Why I do it: Enjoy being responsible for every one having fun

Influences: Daniel Andrews

First pro gig: The Palomino Club, Greensboro

Personal playlist: Country, rock, basically little of everything

Favorite albums: Journey — Greatest Hits

Website: Donna Dmac on Facebook (DJ Double D) or

I’d like to add: I got interested in becoming a DJ while I watched the crowd having fun and the way they responded to the DJ when he played something they really liked. At that time in my life, I was very overweight, but found out that I was great at line dances. The weight taught me to train myself to be very light on my feet and smooth in my movement. I loved interacting with the crowd. In doing and teaching the line dances it helped me learn to listen to the crowd and remember that they are the reason clubs make it or break it. I have just gotten back into the booth and I am having the time of my life. The past five years have been a fight for my health, but I am back and better than ever. Even with the weight loss, I am still the same person inside. Just the outside is turning a little wild and crazy, hence the new purple streaks in the hair. I also have to thank Daniel Andrews. He is the one that helped me and encouraged me. He still does to this day.