DJ Handle: Charming Snake

by Ryan Snyder

DJ Handle: Charming SnakeFull name: Pinche Gringo

Origin of stage name: It’s a bunch of Chapel Hill nonsense. You wouldn’t want to know or probably understand. What I play: VINYl VINYl VINYl!!! Mainly old ’60s garage, soul, freakbeat, surf, R&B, psychedelic.

Catch me at: every last Friday night at My Favorite Things Record store on 1408 Glenwood Ave. Also, I do house parties regularly. Upcoming shows: July 14 at My Favorite Things record store with the Bachelorettes (Jackson, Miss.), Pinche Gringo & the lovely sarita

Got in the game: About four years ago

Why I do it: I got tired of playing drums in crappy bands. Influences: Wolfman Jack, Johnny Holiday

First pro gig: My first gig was at Fuse in Chapel Hill. It was great Thursday night… free food, free booze, had people shaking their tail feathers and doing the monkey… I even made about a hundred bucks in tips. After that I was asked to come back every Thursday so I did and started “echoes from the Vault”

Favorite technique: Drinking schlitz and seeing what goes on from there. Personal playlist: Mummies, Black lips, Joe Tex, Bob & earl, Rolling stones, the Big O, Pretty Things, eyes, Dyke & the Blazers, the Ramones, the kinks, link Wray and Mr. Wilson Pickett, just to name a few.

Favorite albums: All of the Buttshaker, Pebbles, Back From the Grave and Downtown Soulville compilations. Equipment: No computers and no MP3 players, just two turntables. That’s how I roll.

I’d like to add: support local music and businesses! l in Japanese, Jazzy Joel Productions, My Favorite Things Record store, etc.