DJ Handle: Selector cleofus

triad dj profile by Ryan Snyder

full name: Cleofus J. Williams Origins: I don’t remember how I came about the name, but I have been using it since my mixtape days.

playlist: I’m a very eclectic DJ and never play sets of any one style of music. I spin reggae, dub, hip hop, drum ‘n bass, jazz, glitch, dubstep, downtempo, experimental and sometimes even classic rock and honky tonk. I am also one-third of an improvisational trip-hop trio called the stereo Crickets with a live drummer and another DJ.

gigs: I have a Tuesday night weekly at Hookah Joes in Asheville. I also regularly play as part of the Temple of Boom DJ collective and act as touring selector for Asheville-based roots reggae band Chalwa. In addition, I play a semi-monthly show called Bass in Your Face in Charleston. upcoming shows: June 19 at Dexfest in Dandridge, Tenn. June 20 at stella Blue in Asheville with Mark Farina and others. June 25 with Chalwa at the southern Rail in Chapel Hill. June 26 with Chalwa at the Blue Bayou in Hillsborough. July 9 with Pericles, Quetzatl and the Night light Riders at Johnson’s in Charleston, sC. July 10 with GFe and other at Nashwa in Asheville. July 17-19 as part of the Temple of Boom at Transformus at Deerfields outside of Asheville. got in the game: Around 1993, I began making pause button mixtapes for friends in the Clarksville, Tenn. area. Why I do it: I was always a collector of music and always trying to play new, hot selections for my friends at parties. I built up a solid CD collection and bought one of my first CD DJ decks around 2000.

influences: lee Perry, Bill laswell, Mark Farina, DJ spooky, David Gunn, ganja, DJ Cam, eddie Def, Bill Hicks, Timothy leary, William Burroughs, Trill Bass and life in general. first pro gig: I looped beats for a hip-hop crew called the Village in Birmingham, Ala., but my first public DJ appearance was around 2004 or 2005 at BoBo Gallery in Asheville. Favorite technique: No particular techniques, though often times I scratch by running the turntable through a chaos mixer for tweaked-out sounds. personal playlist: I tend to stay away from commercial radio or MTV and I listen to a lot of NPR, jazz, reggae, etc. I’m also quite fond of the sounds found in nature. Favorite albums: Marvin Gaye — What’s Going On, lee Perry — Arkology, Miles Davis — kind of Blue, John Coltrane — A love supreme

My gear: Two Denon DNs 1000s, a Pioneer CDDJ 800, Numark mixer and I frequently use a korg kaos pad.

i’d like to add: I feel that music gets divided up into too many genres and scenes. I try to bridge these varying styles and highlight the universal connectedness of all music.