DJ Handle: The Midnight Ace

triad dj profile

Real name: Calico Graves

Origin: It came to me in a vision I had on a beta-version raft off the coast of Japan in a box.

Sounds: indie nu-skool disco, electro and dubstep

Catch me at: the Dirty south, reppin’ Charlotte, Asheville and occasionally Greensboro

Upcoming gigs: June 18, studio B in Greensboro; June 19-21, Dexfest in sherman Oaks, Tenn. 

ot in the game: I stepped out of my hyperbaric chamber in 1998.

Why I do it: That’s the only reason they let me out of the chamber. Influences: Herbie Hancock, klaxons, Jimi Hendrix, kraftwerk, Art of Noise, Afrika Bambaataa, seattle grunge, old-school punk and everyone I’ve danced with. First pro gig: I have no idea. I think the same people who put me in the hyperbaric chamber also selectively tinker with my memory. Favorite technique: line mixing took me to the moon.

Personal playlist: Radiohead, the Wipers, Crystal Castles

Favorite albums: Radiohead — In Rainbows, Jimi Hendrix — Electric Ladyland, Afrika Bambaataa — The Death Mix

Equipment: Two Technics 1200s, Pioneer 500, serato sl, Pioneer headphones

I’d like to add: I just want you to know that on the regular, I sip Wishniak and cognac with ninjas, robots and androids. end data transfer.