DJ Kingpin

by Ryan Snyder

Real name: Jason Sheppard

DJ Handle: Kingpin/DJ Kingpin/DVDJ Kingpin

How I got it: I tried several out until I found one that suited. If I don’t like this one, next up is DJ Identity Crisis. What I play: Depends on where I am; everything from house and electro, to rock and country, to hip hop and Top 40.

Catch me at: Inferno, Arizona Pete’s and Heaven

Upcoming shows: Every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at Inferno, Thursdays at Arizona Pete’s and Sundays at Heaven. Got in the game: I used to pretend to be on the radio when I was a kid, then I got a Radio Shack mixer around 1980 and it was on.

Why I do it: For the feeling I get when I pack a dance floor and help people forget their troubles for a short while. Influences: Anyone I’ve ever seen play. I really loved seeing David Guetta’s crowd mastery, but I learn as much or more just checking out local DJs here and anywhere I travel. DJ 2 nd Nature, DVDJ Unique, Roonie G and DJ KrisP were all inspirations to me as I was learning the art of Video DJing. First pro gig: High school party in 1983

Studio work: I make some of my own remixes and edit my own videos. I am also in the process of learning my way around Pro Tools to cut some tracks. Favorite technique: Cold drops for genre changing and tight 8-bar blends for keeping the momentum.

Personal playlist: The radio to make sure I haven’t missed any good tracks and podcasts or mixtapes from guys like DJ Scene, DJ Enrie, DJ Fashen and DJ Homicide so I can see what’s going on outside of Greensboro. Favorite albums: Prince — 1999, Black Crowes — Shake Your Money Maker, Nine Inch Nails — Pretty Hate Machine, INXS — Kick, Rick James — Street Songs

My gear: Pioneer DJM-800 or Rane TTM 57SL mixer, Pioneer DVJ-1000, DVJ X-1 or CDJ-1000 decks, Apple Macbook Pro; I have some Technics SL-1200MK2 turntables and might go back to vinyl occasionally now that I’m finally playing Serato Scratch Live almost exclusively

I’d like to add: Right now, DJs and music lovers everywhere are mourning the loss of one of the best. Rest in Peace DJ AM. I’d also like to thank everyone that comes out to the clubs where I play. It’s an honor to play for you each week. ’’