by Ryan Snyder

DJ Handle: DJ Lemon Lyme

What it means: It was a neighborhood nickname that I got back in the day. My father’s last name was Lemon and I was raised on Lime Ave., so the neighborhood kids used to call me “lemonlime” just joking around.

Real name: Calvin Young

What I play: I’m very versatile. I play whatever is requested by the crowd, but old school is my passion.

Catch me at: I’m on 97.1 WQMG doing the “Saturday Night Soul arty” from 7 p.m. to 12 midnight. I also do a function for Dr. Maya Angelou every Thanksgiving.

What’s Dr. Angelou get down to: It’s a family-and-friends type of event, but she likes old school and she really loves country music.

Got in the game: I started in early ’80s at Family Skating Rink at Northside Shopping Center. When I was 17, I worked at the rink as a maintenance person. Whenever I would clean up for the night, I used to just go in the booth and play some music. I was just messing around and never had the ambition to actually DJ. One night the regional DJ didn’t show up, and everyone else was afraid to take over. The owner liked the way I sounded in the booth and gave me a shot. The first night I DJed was a big night. I got paid $25 a week on top of the $25 to clean up.

Why I do it: I love the effect that myself and the music I choose to play have on people. I’m a people person. Whatever day you’re having, I always change it to positive.

Influences: I’d have to say Daddy-O on the Patio. I think his name was Arthur Coleman on 98 Triple A AM in the early ’80s.

Signature mix: I have a mix that I played back in the day at the skating rink, but I just keep it for myself. It’s a 14-minute “Planet Rock” remix.

Favorite technique: I love to blend and keep the music going and keep people dancing. I’m not a scratch-and-mix kind of DJ. I wouldn’t even feel comfortable with it.

Favorite albums: Prince — Dirty Mind, Cameo — Cameosis, Earth Wind and Fire — Live and everything by Mother’s Finest.

My gear: I use a Serato Scratch Live and play pretty much mp3 these days. Back in the day it was all records.


I’d like to add: One of these days I’d like to own my own club once I retire from deejaying. Something 30 and up, because I love the old-school crowd, but I’m definitely all about having new listeners no matter who they are.