by Ryan Snyder

triad dj profile

DJ Handle: DJ Lexx

How I got it: My daughter gave me the name at breakfast. When me and two other DJs were forming our company we were trying to come up with a DJ name for me. My daughter was ready to leave and she stated, “Daddy let’s go,” so I named myself DJ Lexx Go, but now I go by the name of DJ Lexx.

Real Name: Alex Ricketts

What I Play: R&B, Hip hop, house, go-go, pop, pretty much anything the people request. The key to DJing outside of being able to blend your music together is knowing your audience. That’s what I try to do, play for my audience.

Catch me at: Cafe Pasta, Palmetto’s and Khaliff Temple Shriner’s Club.

Got in the game: I started in 2008 and formed the company Greensboro DJs, which consists of my mentors DJ Dirty and DJ Big Tone. Myself and DJ Dirty have also formed the company Triad Entertainment Solutions.

Why I do it: I love the art of DJing, the blending of the beats together (which is the hardest part of DJing), the scratching and cutting, and most of all I love to make people dance.

Influences: My influences are DJ Red Alert, DJ Chuck Chill Out, DJ Dirty, DJ Big Tone, and DJ J-Flex, and DJ Vegas.

First pro gig: Khaliff Temple

Studio work: I don’t do studio work, I just love to play for the clubs and at parties.

Favorite Technique: It is the blending of music, I love to make two songs come together and on point without coming off beat.

Signature mix: I have a few, but none that really stand out. Sometimes they come to me while I am performing, so there are too many to name.

Personali playlist: Jazz, R&B, old school hip hop (Biggie, Nas, Slick Rick), some new hip hop (Lil Wayne, Drake, Kanye), some pop.

Favorite albums: Nas — Illmatic, Biggie — Life After Death

My gear: Prodigy B52, Serato, and Technics 1200s

Website: Facebook — Triad Entertainment Solutions and Greensboro DJs, Twitter — Triad Entertainment Solutions