by Ryan Snyder

Full name: Drew McMath DJ Handle: DJ MATH What it means: From being on the ones and twos, and it being my last name. What I play: This all depends on the “who, what, when, where and why” factor. What I play at a college party certainly won’t be the same what I play at a Drum N Bass party. Upcoming shows: Friday at Heaven— mYUzik, a Euro-International Event playing EX YU, Pop Ethno and Turbo Folk w/ Bulgarian, Russian, Greek and more! Saturday, April 3rd at Greene Street Club — Local LaMode Runway Fashion Show benefiting the United Arts Council of Greater Greensboro. Ironically I begin DJing the rooftop of Greene Street’s Thursday College Nights on April 1! I plan to keep this more on a club/pop/dance level while DJ Dominic handles more of the hip hop vibe downstairs. Saturday, April 24 at the Broiler Room in association with VWE Music. Friday, June 18 at Greene Street Club, I will be opening for the No. 1 drum-n-bass DJ in America, DJ Dieselboy! Hosted by Deep Cover Movement. Got in the game: Started in my bedroom in 1997. Why I do it: Love for music. Favorite artists: There are so many! However, I must say I really like the direction David Guetta has taken by bringing pop and electronic music together. Those that know me know that electronic dance music is in my heart, so anytime I get a chance to go on that path I do. First professional gig: A club in Sylva in 1998, I had friends attending Western Carolina at the time and they set the whole thing up for me. After that I started landing gigs at Babylon for the infamous First Fridays (RIP Ed). Studio work: Record release in 2002 on Breakbeat Science Recordings NYC. BBS 010 Orion & Math — Desolate Plains. Personal playlist: I think the real question is, “What don’t I listen to?” Websites:,,, I’d like to add: It wouldn’t be complete without saying thank you to everyone who has believed in and supported what I do. I love the entertainment industry and have strived for many years to provide entertaining acts and performances unlike any other, which is my passion. Stay updated with what I’m doing and all other local Triad events through the websites provided above. If you see me out… say hi, I love meeting new people!