by Ryan Snyder

Real name: Anthony Gazale Lowe

DJ handle: DJ ME J

What it means: It changes week to week. I think next week is “Ravedigger” if it’s not taken. In that case, it’s gonna be “Strobedog” What I play: Right now, my bread and butter is music videos. I tend towards rap and modern dance music. However, I also like to play classic commercials, memes, video responses, etc. Also some classic rock, punk rock, normal rock, blues, soul, funk, dancehall, R&B and reggae.

Catch me at: I don’t play that many places, if you can believe that. For the next little while, there will still be YouTubesday at Elliott’s Revue, which for those lucky enough to experience it will tell you, involves music videos and happens every Tuesday.

Upcoming shows: I play Thanksgiving night at Ziggy’s, then I got nothing to tell you. So, if you are some sort of promotertype person reading this, it means I’m basically free to play whenever.

Got in the game: In 1997 I think. I had my first DJ name in 1996, though.

Why I do it: Used to be a drummer in a punk band but hated carrying drums around only to get the least attention of anyone in the band. I had always liked rap and electronic music, and when I realized I could play those kinds of shows and only have to carry a bookbag full of records, I was sold. Plus, raves used to be the cat’s pajamas (no matter what anyone tells you).

Influences: KRI, Crocodile DunDeejay, Jayson Poole, James Jolliff, John Stanley and Dan White.

First pro gig: A bachelorette party for six women at the old Baity’s nightclub (next to where Ziggy’s used to be). It was just awful.

Studio work: Um, I have some college a capella remixes I did about a decade ago under the name Duane Nova. You could find them online if you were crafty.

Favorite technique: When things don’t mix well announcing that; “This is my first time DJing and I’m really nervous, so if people would please be gentle with me, I’d appreciate it” is my favorite technique. Signature mix: Whatever the last one was.

Personal playlist: I like to listen to the drunkest people talking the loudest about the most unusual or awkward thing outside while I’m smoking then repeat the best little blurb I hear to myself silently on my way back inside when my cigarette’s done.

Favorite albums: Squarepusher — Big Loada and Bobby “Blue” Bland — Two Steps From The Blues,

My gear: A PC laptop with extra USB soundcards, YouTube (or Firefox I guess), some programs, a bottom of the line twochannel mixer, a microphone and tons of VGA cable. Website:

I’d like to add: Music videos are awesome. They can sometimes transform a song that is basically mediocre and make it entertaining and take a great song and make it legendary. Watch more of them.