by Ryan Snyder

DJ handle: DJ Pancakes AKA MrGirl

What it means: When I first moved here, I noticed that girls danced differently, like with their hands out flat. Me and my friends started saying, “Hands like pancakes!” I guess that’s where it came from. But my old roommate used to call me Mr. Girl and I liked that a lot so I started using them both.

Full name: Queeneta Allen

What I play: I play mashups that I create, and lot of ’80s, too.

Catch me at: Neptunes Parlor in Raleigh and the Pinhook in Durham.

Got in the game: I’m still trying to remember if I was 20 or 21, haha.

Why I do it: When I was younger, I loved going to the neighborhood dance parties where people would just put on a mix CD and dance in the living room all night. I really, really wanted to make people dance like that.

Influences: Felix da Housecat, Miss Kittin, good new wave music. Also, DJ Gonzo, SPCLGST and Thien. I wanna be those guys one day.

First pro gig: Alibi, before it became Neptunes. It was the night after I played music at my first house party performance… I guess if “performance” means frantically switching out CD-Rs on a six-disc changer, then yeah.

My style: Constant practice and toking.

Signature mix: That’s a tall order! I do a Ludacris/Britney Spears one, or the Deadmau5/Run DMC mix, or the MIA/New Order mix, or the Biggie/Cure one. It’s hard to say which I’m most proud of when I have to make sure each mix I play is perfect. To be honest, I think they ALL rule!

Personal playlist: This might sound silly, but pretty much all I listen to is first-wave British goth.

Favorite albums: REM — Fables of the Reconstruction, the Smiths — Meat is Murder, Echo and the Bunnymen — Crocodiles and Heaven Up Here, Marvin Gaye — What’s Going On, DEVO — Freedom of Choice and Oh No It’s Devo!, the Cure — 17 seconds, Joy Division — Unknown Pleasures, the Breeders — Last Splash, Sonic Youth — Dirty, Radiohead — Kid A. Judas Priest — Screaming for Vengeance

My gear: Virtual DJ and this craptastic laptop.

Website:; also on Facebook

I’d like to add: Thanks for checking me out!