by Ryan Snyder

Full name: David Ngo

DJ Handle: DJ Paradime

What it means: Paradime, means to set the example. Thought it was dope and I knew that’s why a DJ should always practice and try to be better in your craft.

Catch me at: I have residencies in Durham, Raleigh, Fayetteville, Greensboroand Charlotte. Durham: Luna Nightclub, Marvell Night Club, Raleigh: Dolce,Lounge 108, Fayetteville: The SpeakEasy, Itz NightClub, Angry V’s, Greensboro:Lotus Lounge, Greene Street.Got in the game: I started my sophomore year in college. I moved fromGreensboro to Raleigh my senior year of high school and met a friend inschool that DJed, but spun jungle and trance named DJ Xavier. I started tolearn basic technical skills from him, and a couple of years later saved enoughmoney to get all the standard equipment I needed. Before that I had a beltdriventurntable Audiovox and a Radio Shack mixer. I knew this was somethingI wanted to pursue when I quit school and went on tour and neverlooked back..Influences: Man there are so many but to name a few… the Invisible ScratchPiklz (DJ Q-Bert, DJ ShortKut, DJ Apollo, DJ MixMaster Mike), the Beat Junkies(DJ Babu, DJ Rhettmatic, Melo-D, J-Rocc). all of these DJs are legends. I wasmostly influenced and looked up to a lot of these DJs because not onlywere they dope but a lot of them were Asian as well which gave me inspiration.They really set the precedent for DJing as far as an art. Another hugeinfluence to me are the X-Men (X-Ecutioners) especially Grand Master RocRaida (RIP). Just for the simple fact that Raida’s body tricks were mad ill andhis height meant nothing on the tables because dude was KING. Jazzy Jeffwas another influence because he was the first. DJ AM (RIP). Before AM, Jazzbrought DJing to the forefront, and made moves as an entrepreneur as well.I can go on for days: Premier, Pete Rock, Tony Touch, Kid Capri each gave alittle bit of inspiration on what would later be DJ Paradime.First pro gig: It would have to be a friend’s birthday at a community center.I think he turned 20 and I forgot I needed speakers and pretty much justplayed records and used a aux from my sister’s boombox.Studio work: I have done too many mixtapes. Some on the list that were themost downloaded were Styles of The South Mixtape hosted by Paul Wall and9th Wonder, LEGACY — What?!?!? The Mixtape!, Soul In The South — Volume 1Favorite technique: Tiger Style. I want to smash in everything I do!Favorite albums: Nas — Illmatic, Outkast — Aquemini, Biggie — Readyto Die, Mobb Deep — The Infamous, DJ Honda — H1, Jay-Z — ReasonableDoubt, Little Brother — The Minstrel Show, Delphonics — LaLa Means ILove YouMy gear: Technics 1200s, Rane 56, Ortofon needles, Macbook.Website: