DJ handle: DJ Pez

What it means: I eat too much Pez candy.

Real name: Lem Butler

What I play: Clarinet, trumpet, baritone horn, guitar, turntables. As a DJ, hip hop, old school, Top 40, reggae, dancehall

Upcoming shows: FlashBackFridays (every Friday) at East End Martini in Chapel Hill and also Feb. 5 at the Black Flower in Raleigh.

Got in the game: 1995

Why I do it: It was a subconscious thing, it just happened. I found myself playing music at a party with cassette tape players and one turntable, then another party with a tape deck, CD player and one turntable. Later in 1995, I bought two Technic 1200 MKII tables and mixer and the rest was history.

Influences: Grandmaster Flash, and local kats who were spinning all the hottest parties: DJ Jazzy B, DJ TDK, DJ Assassin.

First pro gig: Seeds of Sheeba was a Caribbean Restaurant in Chapel Hill owned by Mickey from Mickey Mills and Steel. Mickey hooked me up with a weekend slot because there was no hip hop in Chapel Hill at the time.

Studio work: Recorded in Raleigh, Chapel Hill and Philadelphia with a hip-hop band I started called Sankofa (1997-2003)

My style: Just rockin’ a party.

Personal playlist: Dubstep, classic rock, 88.1 FM and SoundCloud

Favorite albums: A Tribe Called Quest — People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm

My gear: Technics 1200 MKII turntables, Vestax05 Pro, Serato, MacBook Pro


I’d like to add: …did I mention I have an alter ego?