DJ Profile

DJ Profile 

Brandon Coble Stage Name: Dj3b

Origin of stage name: It’s short for Bad Boy B

What you play: Hip hop, rock, R&B, mash-ups, ’80s and ’90s

Where do you play regularly: Club Zidis (Salisbury)

List upcoming shows: College Night at Club Zidis (Salisbury, NC 2-26), Mardi Gras Party at Club Zidis (2-28), College Night at Club Zidis (3-5)

When you became a DJ: In 1992 when I was 9 years old

Why you became a DJ: I was simply following my older brother’s footsteps

Influences as a DJ: DJ AM, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Local Talent DJ Snow, DJ Dominic, DJ 818 and Frenzy

Your first professional gig: Club Legends in Boone opening for DJ Snow

Favorite technique: Beat mixing

My personal playlist: Everything from ’80s to current hip hop and Techno

Equipment used: Technic Mk1200’s Rane TT56 fader, Ortofon Needles, with Sony Headphones

Anything else you’d like to add: Get lost in the music, dance and find your soul!