DJ Profile

by Ryan Snyder

DJ Profile

Shawn Fitzmaurice Catch me on: 90.9 WQFS My show: Paddy-Whacked Radio Show time: Friday 8 to 10 a.m. Request line: 336.316.2444 What I play: “Indie” music from Ireland (rock, acoustic, old and new) That includes: The Frames, the Swell Season, Bell X1, U2, Mundy and a whole lot more (see for a slightly outdated list). Why I play it: Ireland is alive with amazing music that otherwise may never be heard off the island. There are wonderful bands and artists who deserve a greater audience! I find that most Irish “rock” musicians carry their roots to their music. Even though the music is not what you think of as “typical Irish,” there is a mastery and mystery of both composition and lyric that comes from centuries of culture. Good starter albums: The Frames — Burn the Maps, Bell X1 — Flock, Red Rose Café — The New Year Tapes, Kiernan McMullan — Perfect People are Boring, Lisa Hannigan — Sea Sew, Michael Brunnock — So I Do… the list goes on. Favorite thing about DJing: Turning people on to new music. Got in the game: About three years ago. A friend in my home town of Boston had a slot at a college station. I came in to hang out one day and he offered me his spot. No one in management knew or cared, so I just showed up each week and played music! As far as the Irish thing goes, I spent a year in Dublin. During that time I got really turned on to the local scene. Having been a local music fan in my home town, it just came naturally.

Favorite bands: The Frames, Bell X1, Niyaz, Pink Floyd, early U2, Red Rose Cafe, Jeff Buckley, Sheltered in Sound St. Patty’s Day advice: Stay away from anywhere with green beer. In fact, to pay tribute to the Irish and their contributions, avoid the narrow-minded stereotype of the drunken Irishman or woman all together and experience some Irish literature or music on St. Pat’s. Gather with your friends and family and enjoy good food and friendship. There is a considerable amount of alcohol flowing in the island, and in many cases, lives are destroyed by it. You cannot imagine the amount of vomit and urine on the streets of Dublin on a Sunday morning. I find it heart wrenching. I’m not saying to avoid the drink all together. I love a good pint! I am just saying that there are far better things about Ireland; things that are worth celebrating. Web site: I’d like to add: WQFS is an amazing little station with hard-working and dedicated DJs, each with a passion for what they do. I am privileged to be a part of it!

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