DJ Profile

by Ryan Snyder

DeRon Juan Real name: DeRon Featherstone Website:, www.myspace. com/deronjuan, Origin: My name was given to me by my radio instructor back in college. She said I was like a modern day Don Juan and figured she would just put her twist on it by calling me DeRon Juan. It has just stuck since then. Playlist: Hip hop, R&B, old school and occasional reggae and go-go. Catch him at: Club Touch on Fridays and Saturdays and currently the N Club on Sundays predominantly Upcoming shows: March 27 and 28 at Club Touch, March 29 at N Club Got in the game: I started DJing small time when I was in high school, then it was local house parties. When I got to NC A&T in 1998, I met DJ Rewind and he put me under his wing. He was already a well known and established DJ, so I learned from him and I would open up for him doing parties all over Greensboro and at campus gym jams. I had to put DJing on the back burner for three years while I pursued a professional baseball career. After baseball was done in 2003, I moved from my hometown of Hendersonville to Greensboro and jumped back into doing parties pretty heavily. Why I do it: I became a DJ because of my uncontrollable urge to listen to music. I always wanted to be the first to have a record and present it to people. My older cousin George was the only “real” DJ in my city and I would practice on his equipment until my father bought my first set of turntables. It became a desire to rock crowds and be the reason people had a good time on any particular night. Sometimes I just listen to people as they leave the club to see if I can catch a reaction as to how I performed that night. Influences: My older cousin George (RIP), Jazzy Jeff, Kid Capri, DJ T-Luv First pro gig: A NC A&T gym jam. It was the first time I was paid a decent amount of money to DJ. Favorite technique: I love scratching, but I would say my favorite is blending or creating my own song by blending a capellas over different beats.

Personal playlist: Lately, I listen to a lot of R&B or ’90s hip hop, the golden era of hip hop back when lyrics actually had to make sense. Favorite albums: Notorious BIG — Life After Death, Jay-Z — Reasonable Doubt, Redman — Muddy Waters, Little Brother — The Minstrel Show, Ice Cube — Death Certificate, TI — Urban Legend, Jazmine Sullivan — Fearless and Mobb Deep — Murda Muzik

Equipment used: Two Technics MK5 turntables, two Pioneer CDJ 800s, Mackie d2 mixer, Rane 57 mixer, Serato Scratch Live software, White Macbook, Technics headphones

I’d like to add: To all DJs, take pride in your craft and don’t get to comfortable using today’s technology. Practice using real vinyl just to appreciate how far this art has come. Also, never sell yourself short. DJs will always be in demand, so make sure your get what you are worth. Promoters won’t really appreciate a good DJ until they hire a bad one. Finally, please research the evolution of the DJ and what it has meant to our culture.

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