DJ Profile

DJ Profile DJ Weapon XFull name: Lewis Lomba Origin of DJ handle: It was given to me by my boy DJ Fader because of my years of service in the Army. What I play: Hip hop, R&B, reggae, reggaeton and a lot more Where I play: Hot Rodz/Skinney Teez in Thomasville Upcoming shows: April 18 at Skinney Teez Got in the game: Back in 2000 Why I do it: Since I was young, I had an ability to rock and had a thing for music. Influences: My cousin DJ Rukiz, Grand Master Flash, DJ Red Alert and I can’t forget DJ Jazzy Jeff. First pro gig: A house party back in my hometown Pawtucket, RI Favorite technique: Scratching and mixing Personal playlist: Everything from Neyo to Linkin Park Favorite albums: TI — Paper Trail My gear: Two Stanton 12-inch turntables, Stanton Mixer and Torq software Website: djweaponx I’d like to add: Big ups to everyone that has been sticking with me and coming out to all my venues.

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