by Ryan Snyder

DJ handle: DJ SWEET T

What it means: My brother gave me that name when I was a toddler.

Real name: Terri Montrel Johnson

What I play: Hip hop, dancehall, R&B and Baltimore house

Catch me at: Club Menage and Lounge 2800

Got in the game: When I was 12, my mother allowed my sister and me to throw parties in our living room because she felt there was no safe place for us to go and have fun. The parties began to pick up so we moved the parties to our garage and finally it got so crowded we moved to our basement, known as the Castle or the Dungeon. I wasn’t a dancer, so I sat with the DJ. I admired his work and started to develop the “listening ear.” I knew what the crowd wanted and when they wanted to hear it. I did that for about eight years (all teen parties). Now that I am older, I want to break into the older crowd and really begin to learn the art of DJing.

Why I do it: I DJ because I love it and I love to please the crowd, giving them a great party!

Influences: To be honest, I never really followed up on early DJs or MCs growing up. My main influence is the crowd itself, but if it wasn’t for DJ Prince inspiring me at the very beginning and DJ Flash for believing me and mentoring me, I would not be where I am so soon.

First pro gig: Jabs Ultra Bar

Favorite technique: Blending

Personal playlist: Party/dance classics

My gear: Technics 1200 turntables, Vestax mixer and Serato


Booking: Wind Em Up Records — 336.543.6047