by Ryan Snyder

Name: Jordan Townsend Origin: It’s short for Yonamine, which is my grandmother’s maiden name. My dad is half African American, half Japanese and my mother is white. I wanted a name that not only represented my diverse background, but also reflected my contrasting taste in music. What I play: Hip hop, Baltimore club, electronic dance music, Top 40 < Catch me at: I’m the house DJ at Heaven in Greensboro and spin there every Friday and Saturday night along with the occasional show at other Greensboro venues. Got in the game: Early 2007 Why I do it: I thought it would a great way to express myself. Influences: Diplo and DJ Analyze First pro: Guilford College Formal December 2007 Favorite technique: A lot of quick mixing and hitting the crowd with classics they had forgotten about. Personal playlist: I’d say a split between hip hop and various genres of electronic dance music. I also listen to a good amount of mixes from other DJs. Favorite albums: Outkast — Aquemini, Paper Route Gangstaz — Fear and Loathing In Huntsvegas, Benga — Diary Of An Afro Warrior Equipment: Two Technics 1200 Turntables, Rane TTM 57SL Mixer, Apple MacBook Pro Website:,, I’d like to add: Thanks to everyone that has supported me: my family, close friends, all the bartenders, bouncers and regulars at Heaven. Also, DJ Lotta Noize and Section 8 for taking me under their wing, and Eric for the website! Keep a lookout for me this summer.

I’m always working on new mixes and have some remixes coming as well.