DJ profile: Brent Ring

by Ryan Snyder

DJ handle: Brent Ring

Why I use it: I feel like I could never think of a stage name that I was really sold on. Also, I notice a lot of DJs that go by a name that goes along with the type of music they play but I feel like the music that I prefer is always changing. So, I went by my real name. I don’t really see growing out of that one.

Real name: Brent Ring

What I play: I play mostly electronic music with some rap and hip hop. There are new electronic music subgenres coming out daily, it seems like. So, if I had to describe what kind of electronic music I prefer, I would say relaxed-powerful-ambient bass music.

Upcoming shows: Every Wednesday at the Clubhouse, about to start doing Sundays for a new skate shop in the downtown area and starting back up at Lucky Blues in Winston-Salem soon.

Got in the game: I got into it around a year and a half ago. Got a mixer and progressed a little every day.

Why I do it: I started out because I always enjoyed showing music to my friends and other people. Then I fell in love with the way that you can creatively compile music through mixing and also evoke a certain mood in the people that listen to me.

Influences: Gotta love Z-trip, I still can’t really wrap my head around the things that he does as a DJ. Other than him, I love watching RJD2 work with multiple turntables and no headphones. As far as digital DJs go, I dig the seamlessness in Bassnectar’s sets… definitely a rollercoaster of a set every time. First pro gig: I had played in a couple of places around Greensboro and Winston-Salem when I was just starting out, but the first time where I feel like people actually came out to see me was a Halloween party with several other DJs from around here.

Studio work: I’ve been working on making my own music for a while but I haven’t produced anything that I feel really solid about yet. Mostly I make edits to songs in whatever mix I’m doing in order to keep them smooth.

Favorite technique: I’m really a fan of effects (beat masher, 92 LFO, and transpose stretch being my favorites) and how they can totally change the song you play or they can make your transitions sound incredible but I also feel that unless they’re used sparingly and at opportune times then they become distracting.

Signature mix: My most recent one, “Saucy Bumps.” Very danceable, but also very relaxing at the same time.

Personal playlist: HALE YEAH!, Baby Eagle, Keller Williams, Lotus, Outkast, Clicks and Whistles Favorite albums: Erykah Badu — Mama’s Gun, the New Deal — Gone, Gone, Gone and the Polish Ambassador — Diplomatic Immunity My gear: Native instruments—Traktor Kontrol S4 and Akai-APC40 Website: I’d like to add: Thanks for reading and I hope you guys come out and listen to me soon.