The swingers scene is alive and well in the Triad, but this one requires a guitar, bass, keyboards or drum kit to participate. Seemingly cobbled together from any number of other bands, most disparately being fuzzpop turnstile Estrangers, possibly defunct space cadets Health and the downright evil-sounding dudes of Burglar F*cker, Drag Sounds might be the most demonstrative of that scene. The perpetually tenuous nature of Drag Sounds cohorts dictates that their debut offering Feelin’ It might be their lone best shot at offering something substantive under that moniker, despite better intentions, but rest assured that they made the most of it. Feelin’ It sounds derived from a simultaneous affixation and dispassion for 1960s garage rock and pop; it sounds like the Turtles if they weren’t so happy together, the Confederacy’s answer to Paul Revere & the Raiders or the Attack if they ever really got their shit together. The album’s sonic heartbeat is no doubt defibrillated by guitarist Mike Wallace’s heartfelt nerdiness over vintage pop, but the heavily flanged guitars of opening track “Uh Huh (No Way)” sound like the grimaced machinations of Burglar F*cker’s Ian Lockey. Lyrically, it’s a collection of diary entries on haphazard encounters. “Take me home and make me like it,” they sing on “Cryentology,” a sentiment echoed on stutter “Out All Night for Love” et al. The album’s best track is “Terrifyin Mellows,” a sauntering 13th Floor Elevators-meets-Mamas and Papas burner that runs on acid hits and, given the band’s name, seems to peter out appropriately.


Drag Sounds will play a free show at Krankies this Saturday with Mutant League and Zack Mexico.