DVD Vault

by Mark Burger

Manic (Blue Underground)

A 30 th anniversary edition of director William Lustig’s infamous, squalid 1980 shocker focusing on one Frank Zito (Joe Spinell), a murderous mama’s boy who goes on a bloodthirsty rampage through the streets of New York City.

Taking its cue — and more — from the slasher era in which it was made, Maniac lives up to its title, as its twisted protagonist stalks, slays and scalps the women he stalks. As vile and reprehensible as its reputation attests, there is nonetheless a ragged, crazed power to the performance of cult icon Spinell (also the film’s co-executive producer and co-screenwriter), and the gruesome make-up effects by Tom Savini (who gets his head blown off) make this an absolutely no-no for the faint of heart.

Caroline Munro adds a (rare) note of class as the fashion photographer Zito fixates on, but this is a tour de force — so to speak — for Spinell, whose own off-screen personality was quirky, to say the very least. Maniac isn’t a very good movie, but it unmistakably makes an impact… for those who can take it.

The special-edition DVD retails for $24.98, the specialedition Blu-ray for $34.98. Blue Underground is also releasing the unrated director’s cut of Lustig’s Vigilante (1983), in which Spinell also appears, on Blu-ray ($29.98 retail).


AMERICA: THE STORY OF US (A&EEntertainment): A 12-part History Channeldocumentary mini-series tracing the history ofthis nation. Four Emmy nominations with a winfor Outstanding Sound Edition for Non-FictionProgramming (Single or Multi-Camera), for theepisode “Division.” The DVD boxed set retails for$39.95, the Blu-ray boxed set for $49.95.CANNIBAL GIRLS (Shout! Factory): At longlast, director Ivan Reitman’s low-budget 1973chiller comes to home video, a grisly exploitationshocker in which the title pretty much says it all.This marked the (award-winning!) screen debutsof Eugene Levy and Andrea Martin, who wouldgo on to “SCTV” and beyond — as would Reitman.Grisly, cheap and, at its best (relatively speaking), apretty fair black comedy. Rated R.“CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION”:THE TENTH SEASON (CBS DVD/ParamountHome Entertainment): A seven-DVD boxedset ($72.99 retail) containing all 23 episodesfrom the 2009-’10 season of the awardwinning,prime-time CBS-TV crime drama. Theregular cast includes Laurence Fishburne, MargHelgenberger, George Eads, Paul Guilfoyle,and the departing Jorja Fox. Emmy Awards forOutstanding Cinematography for a One-HourSeries and Outstanding Special Visual Effects fora Series (both for the episode “Family Affair”).DARK AND STORMY NIGHT (Shout!Factory): A group of people congregate at aspooky old mansion for the reading of a willin this affectionate, black-and-white parody of‘30s-era “old-dark-house” mysteries from writer/director Larry Blamire (of Lost Skeleton of Cadavrafame). Lots on in-jokes for nostalgia fans, deliveredwith energetic panache by a cast thatincludes Daniel Roebuck, Jennifer Blaire (Mrs.Blamire in real life), Fay Masterson, James Karen,Betty Garrett, Marvin Kaplan, Blamire himself,and Bob Burns in his signature role (and signaturegorilla suit) as “Kogar.”“THE ESSENTIAL GAMES OF THESEATTLE MARINERS” (A&E HomeEntertainment): The title tells all in this four-DVDboxed set ($39.95 retail) featuring the greatestgames in the history of Seattle’s professionalbaseball franchise, which came into being in1977 and has boasted such star players as KenGriffey Jr., Randy Johnson, Ichiro Suzuki andEdgar Martinez, and tied a record by winning116 games in 2001… yet has never played inthe World Series.“FRAGGLE ROCK: SCARED SILLY”(LionsGate Home Entertainment): For theyounger Halloween crowd, here’s a DVD selection($14.98 retail) of three spooky-themed episodesfrom the much-beloved, award-winning(including the Emmy) children’s series, whichwas produced by The Jim Henson Companyand originally aired on HBO from 1983-‘87.LAKE PLACID 3 (Sony Pictures HomeEntertainment): The latest in the “giant crocodile”franchise is certainly the least, a silly shockermarred by cheesy CGI effects, stupid humorand bad acting. A giant crock, pardon the pun.The hapless cast includes Colin Ferguson, YancyButler and Michael Ironside.LIONSGATE BLU-RAYS (LionsGate HomeEntertainment): A selection of offbeat films,some better than others: Christopher Lambertand Sean Connery star in Russell Mulcahy’sinexplicably popular Highlander (1986) andthe simply inexplicable Highlander 2: TheQuickening (1990); Tim Robbins plays the titlerole in director Adrian Lyne’s award-winningJacob’s Ladder (1990); Abel Ferrara’s BadLieutenant (1992) stars Harvey Keitel (in anaward-winning turn) in the title role; the trendsettingbox-office smash The Blair Witch Project(1999); Patrick Wilson and Ellen Page headlinethe award-winning Hard Candy (2005);James Spader and Maggie Gyllenhaal star inthe award-winning black comedy Secretary(2002); Val Kilmer (as porn star John Holmes)heads an all-star cast in the fact-based 2003crime drama Wonderland; the 2003/’06double-feature Open Water and Open Water2: Adrift; the 2004 version of 2001 Maniacs;Alejandre Aja’s High Tension (2003); and MarcCaro and Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s award-winningFrench-language favorite Delicatessen (1991).Each film is rated R, except Bad Lieutenant isNC-17. Each Blu-ray retails for $19.99, exceptDelicatessen which retails for $39.99.THE MAZE (Monarch Home Video): Fivedumb kids decide to play “tag” in a remotecornfield, unaware that a murderous psychopathis in on the game. Guess what happensnext? Not much, although Lance Montgomery’sscore hits some good notes. Rated R.MONSTER A-GO GO (SynergyEntertainment): A 45th anniversary special edition($19.99 retail) of director Bill Rebane’s inauspiciousfirst feature, a low-rent science-fiction opus aboutan interstellar menace at large in and aroundChicago. Begun in 1961 and completed in ’65,which necessitated major reconfiguration (includingan entirely new cast), this is considered bysome to be one of the worst films ever made. It’sdown there, that’s for sure. Bonus features includean audio commentary with Rebane, who once ranfor Governor of Wisconsin!THE SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRECOLLECTION (Shout! Factory): A DVD triplebill ($24.97 retail) boasting all three films inproducer Roger Corman’s popular, low-budgetslasher trilogy: The original 1982 film, the 1987sequel (starring Crystal Bernard), and the 1990finale, which is essentially a rehash of the originalfilm. In Roger Corman’s Hollywood, nothingsucceeds — or exceeds — like excess! Each filmincludes audio commentaries and other goodies.None of these films is particularly good, butthey admittedly deliver the goods… and thebad. Not surprisingly, the franchise became acult favorite. Each film is rated R.SUCK (E1 Entertainment): A rock ‘n’ rollband gets an infusion — or transfusion —of popularity when the bass player (“MadMen”’s Jessica Pare) turns into a vampire inthis giddy horror satire from writer/directorRob Stefaniuk, who also co-stars. Fast-paced,hard-rockin’ and visually impressive, with Pareone of the most gorgeous screen bloodsuckersin many a moon. A zesty cast includesMalcolm McDowell (as the resident vampirehunter), Dave Foley, Alice Cooper (hasn’the always been undead?), Iggy Pop, HenryRollins and Dimitri Coats. This played at the2010 RiverRun International Film Festival inWinston-Salem. Stefaniuk is clearly a talent towatch. Nice guy, too. Rated R.SUPERMAN/BATMAN APOCALYPSE(Warner Premiere/DC Comics/Warner HomeVideo): Two of DC Comics’ most popular charactersjoin forces to battle the forces of evil in thisanimated feature with the voices of Tim Daly andKevin Conroy as the title characters, Ed Asner,Andre Braugher and Summer Glau. Available as asingle-disc DVD ($19.98 retail), a two-DVD specialedition ($24.98 retail) or a Blu-ray special edition($29.99 retail). Rated PG-13.