Daddy Issues to play final show in Winston-Salem

by Britt Chester

| | @awfullybrittish

“I really hope that we can always keep doing house shows,” said Lindsey Sprague, lead guitarist and backup vocalist for Greensboro’s Daddy Issues. “Every show can be just where you hang out with people, then play, then hang out. I hope we don’t ever stop.”

(Unfortunately, although fortunate for a few certain band members, Daddy Issues will not continue with the current lineup of band members due to one moving away for medical school and another pursuing a life in the Pacific Northwest.)

It’s an odd way to view the future, far from the unrealistic expectations that most bands have of one day headlining Madison Square Garden, or even simply making a living from music alone, but Daddy Issues seem to be quite comfortable with the pace at which it is growing.

Over the phone, Sprague says the fourpiece act is on the tail end of a seven-stop tour that has taken them all the way down to Tallahassee, Florida. After a stop in New Orleans for Creepy Fest, a four-night punk rock festival that just rounded out its seventh year, Daddy Issues managed to sell enough merchandise to comfortably pay for a hotel room to sleep in.

“We’ve been sleeping on floors and couches and stuff,” Sprague said.

That’s just part of climbing the ranks and touring on a budget. She added that this tour in particular has done pretty well in terms of merchandise sales, which is often a key factor in independent bands making it on the road, and although it’s only seven stops, everything has been going really well.

Currently, Daddy Issues is touring in a Volvo station wagon. Sprague, along with vocalist and lead guitarist Lo Davey, bassist Madeline Putney and drummer Joshua Johnson don’t seem to mind the lack of space.

“Normally, we all get along super well, but hunger and lack of sleep are very real,” Putney said, “so food and sleep are super important.” Sprague echoed this thought in mentioning that her arm was wedged between a kick drum and a drummer, but being able to play music every night makes it all worth it.

Daddy Issues’ Double Loser album is the most recent release from the band. It’s described as surf rock, a title that hardly labels the band in the appropriate light, but it has been able to reach some of the largest outlets in music, namely Vice’s music side, Noisey. The album itself, though, tells the story of band.

“Almost all of our members are sort of queer,” Sprague said of the songs that make mention of taking girls on dates. But tracks like “Sex on the Beach,” which opens with a lovely vocal harmony, talks about finding love at the beach – responding to the siren song of the ocean and the moonlight. Perhaps this is where the surf rock misnomer comes into play, although the punk undertones are present and even eclipse the mellow lemma.

Double Loser was released earlier this year, officially, and the group has since written newer compositions.

“It sounds really sweet,” Davey said.

“And less punk than our newer songs.” Sprague added that the recording still holds up, and that when this current tour finishes up they will return to the studio at LGT BIZ (Legitimate Business) Recording Studio to finish up a new album with Kris Hilbert, the engineer who recorded and mixed Double Loser.

That is the realistic future that Daddy Issues sees: Coming back from a tour that managed to fund itself through merchandise sales and settling down for another record. And with some venue shows lined up, the house party and DIY scenes will most certainly remain a constant for the four-piece.

“People are, like, a foot away from you and you’re singing directly at them,” Sprague said. “There is a closer energy.”

Obviously the affinity for that type of energy transposes itself both in song, in Volvo, and in the live performance. !


Daddy Issues performs at The Garage on Wednesday, July 29. The show starts at 9 p.m.