Daivonne Rios

by YES! Weekly staff

Say “So long” to Winston-Salem resident Daivonne Rios. This week’s PageThree model has joined the Army, something she’s wanted to do since arecruiter came to her high school when she was 15. “Actually, I justpassed my ASVAB Test,” she says. “I have to pass my adult educationclasses and then they tell me when I go to training camp. After I go totraining camp, they give me my options where to go. I don’t know whatmy options are yet.” Daivonne cites the poor job market as one reasonfor her decision, but also she wants to go to college and see theworld. And she wants to make a better life for her 1-year-old sonJayvonne. “He’ll be staying with his Aunt Marisa,” she says. “It’sgonna be really hard without him, but I’m taking the minimum, which isthree years. He should be fine with her.”