Dana Porter

by Brian Clarey

This week’s Page Three model, Dana Porter, stands by the rappelling tower at Oak Ridge Military Academy where she’s works as an admissions representative and looks to the top. ‘“It looks like fun,’” she says, ‘“but I don’t think I would ever do it.’” The native of Hattiesburg, Miss. says she’s more of a ‘“Downtown Diva,’” referencing the area of Greensboro where she and her group of like-minded friends (most of whom, she says, are single) gather to hunt and play. ‘“We like Hemingway’s ‘— I guess we should call it Churchill’s now ‘— Much, Natty Greene’s, Café Europa,’” she says. ‘“Everybody thinks Greensboro is a town for married people’… it is BS.’” Dana also takes pride in the 154-year-old academy where she works. ‘“Everybody on the faculty has to adopt a kid ‘— I became a mom this week,’” she says. ‘“It’s not a reform school ‘— we’re not gonna make a bad kid good’… we help kids who need discipline and structure. And we have a 100 percent college acceptance rate. All of our kids go to college.’”