Darlene Lee

by Brian Clarey

This week’s Page Three model, Darlene Lee, won’t tell you how old she is, but she will say that she’s been married for 24 years and has two children, ages 15 and 21. She’ll also tell you that she was a stay-at-home mom in Mobile, Ala. before returning to work several years ago, first as a certified nurse’s assistant at a retirement home. Now she earns her paycheck at Extreme Fitness in the Adams Farm Shopping Center, specializing in the Silver Sneakers program, a training regimen for seniors involving weights, light cardio and low-impact exercise. “The majority [of them] are in their seventies or eighties,” she says. “We had a stroke victim who came in with a walker. In three months he was down to a cane and now he has no assistance at all. He walks; he’s doing great.” In this shot Darlene is doing her daily elliptical training routine. “To get the fat-burn you’ve got to go at least thirty minutes,” she says.