Do Not Judge a Milk by its Udder

by Britt Chester

Aside from the obvious reasons most people attend the Dixie Classic Fair (deep-fried Twinkies stuffed with a Twix and wrapped in bacon), there are other outlying influences that draw crowds. In one of the several venues located on the grounds there is a cow show, or cattle, or… whatever or however you refer to heifers and their siblings and peers. Young adults parade blue-ribbon bovines around the pen while other members of the Family “Bovidae” sit chained up to a wall chewing on cud and hay. These cows are the real stars. Their milk sacks hang in glorious veiny fashion, each different than the one the next to it. Some are hairy, some are bulging, and some just sway from side to side as if waltzing to the beat of the Bovidae drum. It doesn’t matter, though, because they are all beautiful. “#UdderlyStunning” should be trending by lunchtime. Enjoy.