Docs rock in Greensboro and Winston-Salem this week

by Mark Burger

If you’re looking for something a little different at the movies — and who isn’t, especially if you’ve sat through Transporter 3? — there are some alternatives. There will be a special screening of The Levi’s BMX Video this Thursday at Solaris Tapas Restaurant and Bar (125 Summit Ave., Greensboro) from 10 p.m. to midnight. Even better, there’s no cover charge, so bring along your friends. The more, the merrier. The Levi’s BMX Video isa video presentation featuring many of the world’s most daring BMX bikeriders as they traverse treacherous terrain at various locations aroundthe globe. BMX bike buffs need no introduction to the likes of Corey Martinez, Jamie Bestwick, Anthony Napolitan and Morgan Wade, whoare among the award-winning members of the Levi’s Flow Team. The entireproduction was shot on hidefinition video by producer/director Will Stroud (ofNine To Five Films) and his team for maximum excitement and effect. Inaddition to high-flying, road-scorching footage — replete with somemishaps that’ll definitely make you think twice about trying this stuffat home — there are also segments of the team members being interviewedand discussing their dauntless doings. It’s not only a showcase for thebicyclists, but also for the filmmakers, who get as close to the actionas possible. Of course, the audience gets to enjoy it from thecomfort and safety of their seats … preferably with tall drink in hand.This marks the East Coast premiere of The Levi’s BMX Video and Solaris is where it’s happening. For more information, see or call 336.378.0198.


The very same night, and also in Greensboro, the Revolve Film and Music Festival hasits own screening in store for area cineastes: The North Carolinapremiere of writer/director Erik Nelson’s critically acclaimeddocumentary Dreams With Sharp Teeth. This screening will take place at 7:30 p.m. in the Weatherspoon Art Museum (located on the UNCG campus at the corner of Spring Garden and Tate streets), marking the first team-up between Revolve and the Weatherspoon. This film profiles the legendary, prolific, award-winning and consistently outspoken writer Harlan Ellison. Winnerof four Writer’s Guild of America awards for most outstanding teleplay(a record), Ellison is perhaps best known for his work in fantasy, ashe disdains the term “sci-fi writer” and has been known to complain,long and loudly, if referred to as such… although much of his workdoes, indeed, qualify as sci-fi. (Ever read his novella “A Boy and HisDog,” or see the movie? Check it out.) “The City on the Edge ofForever,” one of Ellison’s award-winning teleplays, is widelyconsidered to be the best episode from the original “Star Trek” series. He’s also written for “The Outer Limits,” “Babylon 5” and the ’80s revival of “The Twilight Zone.” Dreams With Sharp Teeth isnarrated by Oscar winner Robin Williams, a friend and longtime devoteeof Ellison’s work. “Harlan Ellison’s prolific career is nearlymatchless and makes a compelling subject for a documentary,” saidRevolve festival founder Shalini Chatterjee in a statement. “We aregrateful for the opportunity to bring this film to North Carolina forthe first time.” There’s even a wine-and-cheese meetand-greet scheduledfor 7 p.m., 30 minutes before showtime. Revolve’s back inaction a mere two days later, teaming up with the Salem College Centerfor Women Writers, for another special screening — this one of CecileLeroy Beaulieu’s documentary Jack Taylor of Beverly Hills, which will be shown at 7 p.m. Saturday in the Drama

Workshop of the Salem Fine Arts Center, located on the campus of Salem College (601 S. Church St., Winston-Salem). The90-year-old Taylor, a tailor by trade (no joke), has been a clothier tothe stars for the better part of six decades. It is Taylor who iswidely credited with creating the “Rat Pack” look for the likes ofFrank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr., and he’s still goingstrong to this day, replete with a faithful (and still star-studded)clientele. The film examines Taylor’s life and work, and hisdevoted relationship to his wife Bonnie Taylor, to whom he’s beenmarried for 65 years. Admission is $5, or free if you’reaffiliated with Salem College (bring your ID, please). There will be apost-screening reception at Meridian Restaurant (411 S. Marshall St., W-S) with complimentary holiday hors d’oeuvres and drink specials for Revolve revelers. Hey,did you know that Salem College was the 13 th -oldest college and theoldest educational institution for women in the nation? I sure didn’t.Shows you how smart I am. But, then again, I couldn’t have gone toSalem. They wouldn’t have me. Still, it’s a nice campus to walk around. For more information about either of these two screenings orabout upcoming Revolve events, orcall 336.722.8238.

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