Donald T. Shaw

by Yes Weekly Election Coverage

Residential address: 2847 Hermitage Drive, 27103

Incumbent or challenger? Challenger

Age: 81

Campaign website or blog: None

Occupation and employer: Owner, Don T. Shaw Co.(plumbing, heating, refrigeration)

Previous elective experience(including election campaigns): Candidate for Southwest Ward in 2009, 2005 and 2001

Civic and volunteer experience(including service on local government commissions and boards): Sunday school teacher

Education (highest degreeattained and name of institution): High school graduate, Mt. Airy High School

Party registration: Republican

Where were you born? Mt. Airy

What year did you move to Winston-Salem?1957

Paid consultants working oncampaign: None

Campaign manager: None

Treasurer: None (as of July 9)

Articles about thiscandidate:

• Urban circulator, jobs and regional competition mark fault lines between candidates (link

The majority of Winston-Salem City Council declined to intervene in Kalvin Michael Smith’s federal petition for a new trial although citizens have requested that the city take responsibility for a flawed police investigation that arguably undermined the judicial process leading to Smith’s conviction in the brutal beating of Jill Marker. What is your position on this matter?

The city council should have nothing to do with the conviction of Kalvin Smith. A jury found him guilty of the crime and the charge should stand unless some court finds some error for a new trial. It is not up to the council or any one else to decide if he is guilty or not.

Do you support the proposed Urban Circulator (streetcar or enhanced bus) that would connect Baptist Hospital and East Winston through downtown? Please explain why or why not?

The Urban Circulator could never work. The streets that it is to run on are too small to have a streetcar and other cars on them. The buses that run now are almost empty as they run their routes. The windows are so dark that it is hard to see how many people are on the bus. It is said that the windows are so dark to keep the sun out. My thought is it is to keep the taxpayer that has to pay money every year to keep these big buses running from seeing how little they are used.

City council has focused on revitalizing downtown over the past 10 years, most recently approving the first entertainment district in the city. Should the city continue to promote intensification of shared commercial and residential uses in downtown or slow growth to protect existing businesses and homeowners?

Revitalizing of downtown has cost taxpayers tons of money changing streets and then changing them again. The council should let the people who think they can make money downtown move there. Taxpayers’ money should not be used to make loans to companies that could go broke and never pay the money back just to get them downtown.

While downtown is vibrant and beautiful, areas to the immediate north and east are uninviting, underdeveloped and lacking in pedestrian-scale retail amenities. What, if anything, should be done to extend the vitality of downtown to outlying areas?

Money is what drives people to invest in stores and other businesses in every part of the city. The north and east of the city are high-crime areas that investors over the years have not wanted to place their money in these areas. The taxpayer has spent millions of dollars in this area and it has not convinced the people to invest there. Only the people who live in this area working with the police to clean out crime will anyone invest in this area. Money is the driving force of anyone to invest their money anywhere in the city. If the place is not safe they will not invest.

What role should city council play in the Business 40 improvement project, including recommendations for traffic alignment through downtown when the project is completed?

If  the council has not taken an active role in what is to happen to all the ramps in the city they should be calling Raleigh to make sure that ramps into the city are not closed. If all the closings are made in the city it will jam up traffic on the city streets.

What is your position on the use of incentives to promote economic development? If you support incentives, why? If not, what other tools does city government have for promoting job growth?

Council should give companies that want to move here a tax-free number of years. This tax free should be based on how much a company is to invest in the business. Jobs are important to the life of all in the city. If the city does not tax these companies for X number of year and if they see they can make money by building here they will come.

What is your proudest achievement?

Married 56 years, served in the Marines as a sergeant, three children that are successful in life. Written a book The God of Creation in the Beginning and the Lie of Evolution.

What’s your favorite way to unwind in Winston-Salem?

To look for something to unwind one must be wound up. I am not wound up.