Downtown Greensboro nightclub to receive makeover in wake of shooting

by Jordan Green

Nightclub owner Rocco Scarfonesaid in a press conferenceMonday that the N Club willremain closed for repairs, andwill reopen under a new name and a newformat on Nov. 27 under the name AllureNightlife. The current hip-hop format at the downtownGreensboro nightclub will give wayto what Scarfone called “the hottest musicnationwide from rock to pop,” and the clubowner suggested the new venue will aimfor a classier clientele. Using Triad marketradio stations as a reference point, Scarfonesaid the current format at the N Club isakin to 102 JAMZ, while the new format atAllure will be closer to 107.5 KZL. “It will be a club as if you see in LasVegas,” he said. “Dress code will be strictlyenforced. Age group will change. 21 andover. It will be a club that doesn’t run threedollardrink specials. It will be a danceclub. It will play dance hits nationwide.” Scarfone said he retained a consultantabout three months ago to help determinethe future of the N Club, which helped revitalizedowntown Greensboro and establishthe area as an entertainment destinationunder the stewardship of previous ownerJoey Medaloni. After the N Club receiveda raft of negative publicity with a shootingthat took place nearby last month, Scarfonesaid he decided to accelerate the makeover.Scarfone said he also plans to open anupscale wine and tapas bar called Socialnext year in downtown Greensboro.Florence Gatten, a former GreensboroCity Council member who operates apublic relations company, emceed thepress conference, which was held at theCarolina Theatre. Former Mayor KeithHolliday, who is president of the CarolinaTheatre, also attended the press conference.Scarfone’s promotions company maintainsa partnership with the Carolina Theatre,and the promoter said he is finalizing datesfor performances by Sheryl Crow and TomJones at the Carolina. Scarfone reiterated an earlier pledge toimprove security at his nightclubs by hiringa consultant to draft a handbook, andsaid he would step up efforts to vet securityemployees through background checks.Scarfone said he would like to form a clubassociation to improve industry practicesand advocate their position.Scarfone noted that the N Club ranksthird among Greensboronightclubs in calls for policeservice over the past sixmonths, behind Greene StreetClub and Inferno. “The N Club’s name, absolutely,the biggest name, themost established name, a clubthat’s been here forever, andthey’re called out as if theyare the only problemclub,” he said. “The statisticsshow differently.So I gather that if thereis a call to close a clubthen the call would beacross the board to closeall the clubs. Especially,how can you call thenumber-three club andnot close the number-one and number-two?Now, is that the solution? No, it’s not.The solution is, let’s be proactive. Let’s besafer. Let’s all be on the same page, andall get together. Let’s form a club association,a downtown association. To closeanything when there are taxes to be paid,mortgages to be paid and people who needjobs — why would we do that in today’seconomy?”