Drove the Nissan to the bakery and there was apple pie

by Joe Murphy



Apple pie from Ollie’s bakery of Winston-Salem and Greensboro, the Triad’s best. (photo by Joe Murphy)


In case you didn’t know already, its apple season here in North Carolina. While I’m a fan of pretty much any type of apple anything — from cider to juice to sauce to danish to the last bite before the stem to Fiona — apple pie is by far my favorite apple concoction and holiday dessert, topped with a generous portion of whipped or iced cream. Sometimes I can’t help myself from adding that one-dollar “apple pie” to my order at McDonald’s (don’t act like you never have).


Unfortunately, homemade apple pie is not as frequent around my family’s holiday celebrations as they were when I was younger. I love my mother, but between preparing the house for the temporary re-nestings of my four siblings and me and dealing with the grandparents she has a lot on her plate during the holidays. So I gladly gobble down at least my share of a Mrs. Smith’s or Sara Lee apple pie before my brothers can beat me to it. Lord knows she can’t trust my father to make one from scratch — he tried one year, very unsuccessfully. Chunks of apple and dough lay strewn around the counters and floor atop a snow flurry like dusting of flour, salt and sugar.

That being said, until last week it had been a few years since I had homemade apple pie. I asked anyone within earshot — be they farmers at the market, friends, gas station attendants, co-workers, waiters, waitresses, classmates or bartenders: Where do I find the best homemade apple pie in the Triad? The most consistent response I got was Ollie’s Bakery Winston-Salem.

Ollie’s Bakery owner Nancy Revzen goes to the Piedmont Triad Farmers Market three times a week to stock up on the fresh and locally grown fruits and vegetables used in her Halloween and Thanksgiving seasonal apple pie and other offerings including apple cakes, apple turnovers and carrot cake with maple cream-cheese icing.

What sets the apple pie from Ollie’s apart as the Triad’s best is the gooey texture and sweetness of the baked apple filling contrasted with the crunch of the exterior crust. Just like any apple pie (or pumpkin pie, or chocolate pie, or pecan pie) Ollie’s apple pie is best when served with Redi-Whip or Breyers vanilla ice cream. Though traditionally served hot, like delivery pizza, Ollie’s apple pie is also delicious cold. Ollie’s offers apple pie by the slice or as a full pie but orders for entire pies require 24 hours advance notice.

If you get a full apple pie from Ollie’s this apple season, my only warning is that everyone is going to want a piece.

Ollie’s is locations are at 300 S. Marshall St. in Winston-Salem (336.727.0404) and at 1420 Westover Terrace Suite E, across from Lucky 32, in Greensboro (336.333.9500). The bakery is open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday and is closed Monday. For more information on seasonal selections and other offerings visit