What the heart is full of

We were aghast at Sixth District Republican congressional candidate Mark Walker’s views on armed conflict with a sovereign nation as revealed in leaked video clips of comments he made in June to a Tea Party group in a nearby rural county.

Walker, who will face incognito Democratic candidate Laura Fjeld of Orange County in the general election, said he had “no problem” with lasering or bombing people crossing our border illegally. When asked if he would have any problem “starting up a little war with Mexico” the former worship minister at Lawndale Baptist Church who defeated a hard-right district attorney in a special Republican runoff in July replied that “I don’t have a qualm about it.”

We pounded on Walker’s opponent in the Republican runoff for his tonedeaf stance regarding the immigration problem facing this country. Specifically we called that opponent out for touting his Christian beliefs while spouting divisive rhetoric about men, women and children fleeing poverty and violence in search of a better life in these United States.

Walker’s rhetoric, which he has left skid marks while backpedaling from, are as ugly, ignorant and divisive as anything we’ve heard.

Walker will likely be familiar with Luke 6:45 and so it is unacceptable for him to attempt to wash his hands of his comments by claiming to be a political newcomer. It is to his credit that he recognizes the error of his comments.

But a real leader, a true man among men, would have the courage to say, even in the darkest corners of the district, that America is a beacon of freedom and prosperity and thus a magnet for the poor and downtrodden.

Any collection of Huns can set about abusing the weak. A leading nation would engage the world with a mindset toward solving the problems of men, bringing about an increase of liberty and prosperity for all. !

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