Justice for All?

In these tense days with thousands of people in the streets protesting a perceived lack of justice for victims of police brutality it seems fitting that we should address a couple of strange instances of white privilege going on right here in the Triad.

Let’s take the case of Rockingham County Commissioner Keith Mabe, arrested for driving while impaired this past weekend. Mabe, who blew a .19 after he wrecked his truck on Saturday, says he’s only guilty of “bad judgment” for taking an old prescription pain killer his deceased aunt left in her home.

Mabe says he took the morphine-based medication from her home when family members cleaned out her belongings.

Mabe said his back was hurting from previous injuries and so he took one dose, and then another, and then another, and then another until he was so inebriated that he almost ran a sheriff’s deputy off of NC 87 near Eden before wrecking in a field.

He has no intention of resigning, Mabe told local media, because he’s “not perfect.”

How many inmates in lockup would love to use this excuse after being convicted of prescription drug abuse? Mabe erred in thinking the prescription drug confession was less severe than apologizing for drunken driving.

Then we have the hush-hush case of a local economic development official that is said to have falsified his resume when claiming to have a master’s degree from a state university. The announcement of his hiring, and a previous interview with a local newspaper state the claim, but the gentleman has a federal privacy block on his education records, thus preventing the media from verifying his credentials. The announcement of his hiring has been scrubbed from the web, though a cached version of the reportedly false claim still exists.

How many people fired for lying about a past criminal conviction would love to be able to scrub their records from the web or put a block on their past mistakes?

What is equality in this country when the haves get away with things the have-nots desperately need just to have a chance to get by? !

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