Moving Forward

Greensboro appears to be in the midst of a transformation, if a day spent driving along the city’s main corridors is any evidence.

Way down on the southern outskirts of the city, a major rerouting of High Point Road is taking place to hook the road up with a new exit on the outer loop. Crews recently put the finishing touches on a four-lane widening of the road toward Guilford College Road/ Vickery Chapel. The new extension from I-73 will come just in time for crews closer into the city to begin a massive streetscape project that will run from the Greensboro Coliseum to I-40.

We’re not sure what we’ll do about our needs to drive through that area to get into the city, but it will be nice once it’s finished.

Up on Lee Street the massive UNC- G student recreation center is rising steadily, with steel beams being pieced together. Once complete, it will certainly transform that block, pulling increased pedestrian traffic and likely boosting nearby commercial development.

Three projects taking place in the core of downtown are making progress. A planned hotel and multiuse facility near the baseball stadium, called Bellemeade Village, is moving forward. On the south edge of downtown, Union Square Campus got the green light earlier this winter and should soon show signs of progress in the South Elm Redevelopment Zone. The Tanger Performing Arts Center site has been cordoned off and a building on the site leveled.

Toward the north, the city’s investment in the Renaissance Plaza will soon see activity, as Self-Help took possession of the property in January and is ready to announce tenants any time now.

On the city’s northern edge, crews are moving massive amounts of earth as they make way for the last leg of the Urban Loop.

It’s a vibrant time to be in Greens- boro. City leaders should do all they can to maximize the momentum. !

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