Let’s move forward

We often wonder just what in the world the right-wing Republicans down in Raleigh must be smoking. Did we miss the legalization of an ALEC flavored, right-wing nutty herb recently?

And we thought March Madness was about basketball.

First, state Sen. Phil Berger of Eden came with his “religious recusal” bill that gave certain state employees, even those who’ve sworn an oath to the state constitution, to turn their backs on the rights of other citizens if their religious sensibilities are offended.

Next came state Rep. Skip Stam with his Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which gives people a legal defense in case they are sued for discriminating against someone in the name of religion.

We try really hard here at YES!

Weekly not to make fun of people for their earnestly held beliefs. These bills, rightly described by Gov. Pat McCrory as “making no sense,” cross the line between earnest belief and outright bigotry.

These are childish overreactions to the Supreme Court’s action last fall that legalized the rights of gay Americans to “the pursuit of happiness,” and we condemn it as such.

Attempting to define government action through the lens of one’s religious belief is contrary to all the values our Founding Fathers placed in the Constitution. It has no place in the rational, modern society and should be rightly dismissed.

Diversity has always been the underlying catalyst in the health of any successful society. Belief systems, and cultures, that attempted to wall themselves off and preserve the purity of their dogma have always fallen by the wayside.

We encourage the state’s elected representatives to drop all these backward looking bills and get down to the business of creating a diverse, prosperous future that we all want to be a part of.

Embrace diversity and you will be rewarded. Fall back in fear at your own risk. !

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