Tighten Up

One thing we get tired of pretty quickly in the public sphere is what we’ll just call trough feeders.

We’ll not call any names locally, but you know who you are.

You’re the for-profit business that asks not one, but two governments for money to fund your business.

You’re the non-profit that asks one government agency to pay off the loan you took from the other government agency.

You’re the not-for-profit (wink! wink!) LLC created by the private sector to pursue a development in which the city gives you some land for free and you use it as collateral to take to the county to ask for public bonds to be issued, which you just so happen to plan to pay back with rents from public universities.

Now that’s a good trick! Worse still, you’re the elected official who isn’t content with your current position so you pander about, groping for this higher office, now that salaried position, while using your current position as a bully pulpit.

It’s not just happening locally.

Recent media reports on a government audit have outlined how defense department employees used government credit cards to gamble and pay for escort services.

Feeding at the public trough is as old as the government itself, but in this age of shrinking municipal budgets, rampant poverty and income inequality, and a conservative-leaning public closed minded to the suffering of fellow citizens, it’s a practice that must be eradicated.

Community groups can no longer come shamelessly to city governments asking for a hand out. There are too many pressing critical infrastructure needs and basic government functions being neglected to justify robust funding for outside groups or boutique initiatives.

The private foundation community is flush with cash and should be ap- pealed to for support. !

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